Private Gardens

At Harrier Grange, we are fortunate enough to boast 3 outdoor areas, offering our residents ample space to stretch their legs, get some fresh air and take in the natural beauty of our gardens. 

Whether our residents want to enjoy some time to themselves outside, or whether they want to invite their loved ones for an alfresco meal, our gardens are the ideal spot for those who love the outdoors.

Summers at Harrier Grange

Summertimes at Harrier Grange are much loved by residents and staff alike, as we aim to make the most of the lovely weather whenever we can. Sunny days can see us hosting BBQs, entertainment outdoors, as well as our much anticipated annual Summer Fete. These are great opportunities for our residents to bond, and we often invite loved ones to join in with the fun too.

Leaves Outside

What You’ll Find at Harrier Grange

Our care home here at Harrier Grange has been considerately designed to cater to the wellbeing of our residents, ensuring they experience comfort, contentment, and a true sense of belonging. We strongly advocate for our residents to lead their lives as they wish, and we do everything within our power to facilitate this.

Raised Flower Beds

Outdoor Furniture

Visiting Birds

Dine Outside

Enjoy Activities Outside

Gardening Sessions

Private Gardens FAQs

Enabling our residents to spend time in the garden ensures they can breathe in fresh air, participate in outdoor activities, and appreciate nature. This facilitates numerous mental and physical benefits, such as stress reduction, improved mood, better cognitive functioning, enhanced cardiovascular health, and increased muscle strength and balance.

Within the garden, residents can participate in a variety of outdoor activities, including strolls, gardening, exercise classes, and, weather permitting, enjoy meals with family members, engage in outdoor arts and crafts, and watch live entertainment.

To ensure that all residents can utilise the garden area, we have implemented measures such as wheelchair-accessible paths, seating for those with mobility issues, secure fencing and gates, well-maintained paths, proper lighting, and other safety features to prevent accidents and prioritise the safety of our residents.

Providing the Highest Standards of Care to Our Residents

We want all of our residents and their families to know that the team here at our care home in Andover is committed to supporting them at all times. Harrier Grange Care Home provides a home-like environment in which older people feel loved, cared for, and inspired to make the most of each day.

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