Residential Care

Residential Care is a service we gladly provide for individuals who are finding it increasingly difficult to care for themselves while living at home. Our staff creates a warm and supportive environment in which residents can take advantage of the social elements of group living while also receiving superb medical and personal care. 

Our individualised care plans are made to match each individual’s needs and strive to provide not only around-the-clock medical care, but also wellbeing support, allowing residents to live a rich and fulfilled life every day. At Harrier Grange Care Home, our residents’ health, happiness, and comfort are our primary priority and will continue to be.

What is Residential Care?

We provide superior care in a sophisticated yet pleasant setting at Harrier Grange Care Home. Our staff deliver high-quality Residential Care in a home-like atmosphere by combining the finest of modern technology with supporting care and comfort. Everyone at Harrier Grange Care Home takes a personal approach, one that is suited to each individual’s health, well-being, and hobbies. Each care plan is customised and updated to meet the unique needs of each client. We want to be as adaptable as possible, therefore if requirements change throughout a person’s stay, we can continue to give the most appropriate care.

Our Approach to Residential Care

Our care and support plans are reviewed every six weeks at a meeting, which residents and/or a representative are encouraged to attend to discuss current care needs and the next steps. We welcome feedback on any aspect of our care home; our Home Manager has an ‘Open Door’ policy and is available to residents and their families at all hours of the day. All of our residents and visitors benefit from our purpose-built care establishment, which provides exceptional care and facilities. Each day presents exciting opportunities for our residents so that they can make the most of their stay.

Residential Care at Harrier Grange Care Home

From the moment you step through the doors at Harrier Grange Care Home, our staff will go out of their way to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Prior to your arrival, our Home Manager will be happy to meet with you to discuss your wants and preferences, as well as inform you about the many amenities we have to offer. Our Chef will also drop in to discuss what you would like to eat, and you’ll be escorted around your new home to view all the facilities available. You’ll be introduced to your key worker and a bespoke care plan will be devised.

Is Residential Care Suitable For You?

Residential Care may be the best option to explore if you or a loved one is finding it difficult to live alone, or if living alone is beginning to have a negative influence on your emotional or physical health. Residential care, often termed as a “Group Living Arrangement,” can make a significant difference to someone’s life. This form of care is perfect for those who need a little help now and then in order to keep doing the activities they enjoy, but who can manage their lives on their own for the most part.

How We Provide Exceptional Care

It is critical to us that we create a comfortable setting that feels like home. Families are invited to visit at any time, and we will do our best to meet any special requirements. For maximum satisfaction, our Chefs provide high quality meals while also catering to personal preferences. We have also incorporated beautifully decorated bedrooms and cosy communal sitting areas for optimal comfort. Alongside our high levels of care services, we proudly offer a range of impressive facilities and a full activities programme aimed to bring pleasure to everyone. 

Included in Our Residential Care Fee

The cost of your stay at Harrier Grange Care Home includes a wide range of amenities and extra services. Every individual has access to medical care if they need it. There are a variety of services provided, including:

GP Appointments

Residents will have the ability to arrange and attend GP appointments as needed. Residents can arrange transportation via our chauffeur driven service. The cost of GP visits is included within the care home’s fee.


All residents have the opportunity to see an optician who will assess, discuss, and treat their optical needs. This service is included in the care home’s overall charge (glasses however, will cost extra).

Visits to a Chiropodist

We recognise that some of our residents may need to be seen by a Chiropodist. Access to a Chiropodist can be easily arranged by one of our team members free of charge.

Making More of Every Day

The team at Harrier Grange Care Home works extremely hard to provide unmatched care, support, and services to all of our residents. It brings us great pleasure to provide care in such a warm and safe environment. Our staff works closely with residents and their families to ensure that every need is met and that our residents feel at ease from day one. We can meet both health and well-being needs, caring for the individual as a whole by establishing strong connections and long-term relationships.

Get in Touch with Us

Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our residential care or any other service we provide. You can reach us by phone on 01264 252 555 or by email at Alternatively, you may fill out our online Enquiry Form and we will get back to you. We’d be delighted to talk to you.