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Residential Care is a service we gladly provide for individuals who are finding it increasingly difficult to care for themselves while living at home. Our staff creates a warm and supportive environment in which residents can take advantage of the social elements of group living while also receiving superb medical and personal care. 

Our individualised care plans are made to match each individual’s needs and strive to provide not only around-the-clock medical care, but also wellbeing support, allowing residents to live a rich and fulfilled life every day. At Harrier Grange Care Home, our residents’ health, happiness, and comfort are our primary priority and will continue to be.

What is Residential Care?

We provide superior care in a sophisticated yet pleasant setting at Harrier Grange Care Home. Our staff deliver high-quality Residential Care in a home-like atmosphere by combining the finest of modern technology with supporting care and comfort. Everyone at Harrier Grange Care Home takes a personal approach, one that is suited to each individual’s health, well-being, and hobbies. Each care plan is customised and updated to meet the unique needs of each client. We want to be as adaptable as possible, therefore if requirements change throughout a person’s stay, we can continue to give the most appropriate care.

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Our Approach to Residential Care

Our care and support plans are reviewed every six weeks at a meeting, which residents and/or a representative are encouraged to attend to discuss current care needs and the next steps. We welcome feedback on any aspect of our care home; our Home Manager has an ‘Open Door’ policy and is available to residents and their families at all hours of the day. All of our residents and visitors benefit from our purpose-built care establishment, which provides exceptional care and facilities. Each day presents exciting opportunities for our residents so that they can make the most of their stay.

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What You’ll Find at Harrier Grange

Our care home here at Harrier Grange has been considerately designed to cater to the wellbeing of our residents, ensuring they experience comfort, contentment, and a true sense of belonging. We strongly advocate for our residents to lead their lives as they wish, and we do everything within our power to facilitate this.

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Residential Care FAQs

Residential care is ideal for those seeking around-the-clock support with personal care and communal living, whereas nursing care provides the same support with additional medical expertise from registered nurses.

At Harrier Grange Care Home, we regularly monitor and assess our residents’ personalised care plans. If their care needs change, we work closely with them and their family to adapt the care plan accordingly.

While services and facilities can differ, Harrier Grange Care Home provides 24/7 support for medical and personal wellbeing, along with housekeeping and laundry services, dining, diverse activities and entertainment, and on-site amenities such as a cinema room, private gardens, salon and nail bar, and more.

Providing the Highest Standards of Care to Our Residents

We want all of our residents and their families to know that the team here at our care home in Andover is committed to supporting them at all times. Harrier Grange Care Home provides a home-like environment in which older people feel loved, cared for, and inspired to make the most of each day.

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