Introducing our Chef at Harrier Grange

We are delighted to introduce our lovely new chef here at Harrier Grange – 36-year-old James Blight.

James learned to cook at the young age of 9, and at the age of 16 he got his first job in a restaurant kitchen. It was at this point he was ‘hooked’ on cooking and he has been on “an amazing food adventure ever since trying every new ingredient” he could get his hands on.

It has been an upward journey ever since then. James has worked in a large variety of hotels, clubs, international sporting events, bistros and Michelin-starred restaurants in four different countries. Whilst visiting Australia in 2007, the country captured James’ heart and he “fell in love with the place” – so much so, he stayed there for 10 years!

An exiting highlight in James’ career was when he was Ed Sheeran’s personal chef for 10 days, in Melbourne, whilst the musician was on tour. James also prepared food for the singer’s friends – which included Taylor Swift.

James said: “I got the call to personal chef for Ed Sheeran and it was great. He was a cool guy, easy to get on with, very pleasant and professional.”

“I wasn’t star-struck or anything, it’s still just cooking for someone. I was there to do a job. I don’t buy into fame. It was just a good experience. He wanted simple food, cottage pie and burgers, nothing too fancy.”

After spending 10 years down under, James made the decision to return home and he is delighted about his role at Harrier Grange. James said: “I am very excited to bring my experience, knowledge, passion and huge desire to Harrier Grange which is a fantastic care home with amazingly caring staff and incredible facilities. It is not dissimilar to some of the five-star hotels I’ve worked in!”

“I love to make food for people that will really make them happy and cater for all including any dietary requirements and do so with great enthusiasm.”

We are all looking forward to tucking into the delightful cooking James has to offer!

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