Dementia Care in Hampshire

When searching for dementia care in Hampshire, know that compassionate, personalised support is within reach at Harrier Grange Care Home in Andover. We offer a safe and enriching environment for those living with dementia, combining expert care with a focus on maintaining dignity and a sense of purpose.

Peace of Mind and Personalised Care

Situated in the charming town of Andover, Harrier Grange offers a delightful blend of tranquility and easy access to amenities and local attractions. Andover itself boasts a rich history dating back to the Iron Age, with a picturesque town center and a relaxed pace of life. This provides a serene environment for residents, while also ensuring families have opportunities for outings and social interaction.

The location is also convenient for those traveling from surrounding areas in Hampshire, with excellent transport links by road and rail, making it easy for families to stay connected and visit loved ones.

Residents On a Walk Outside
Residents and Loved Ones

Why Choose Harrier Grange for Dementia Care?

Our dementia care team includes registered nurses and care professionals trained in the complexities of dementia care. They understand how to navigate behavioral changes, provide effective communication techniques that minimise frustration, and create a calming environment that reduces agitation. This expertise ensures residents feel safe, supported, and understood.

We believe each resident deserves care tailored to their unique needs and abilities. Our person-centered approach involves getting to know each person’s history, preferences, and strengths. We take the time to understand their communication style, preferred daily routines, and past experiences. This holistic approach ensures care feels respectful and familiar, promoting a greater sense of security and comfort.

Residents Doing Pet Therapy
Residents Doing Pet Therapy

Find Purpose in a Home-Like Environment

Isolation worsens the symptoms of dementia. Our dedicated activities team creates a stimulating and inclusive program designed for those with cognitive decline. Activities are designed to be enjoyable and engaging, yet adapted to accommodate individual abilities. This might involve reminiscence therapy, where residents share stories and memories from their past lives, sparking conversation and connection.

We encourage participation in everyday tasks, like folding laundry or setting the table, providing a sense of accomplishment and preserving a sense of purpose within the daily routine.

We prioritise a warm, familiar setting that reduces confusion and anxiety for residents. Our comfortable common spaces, personalised resident rooms, and focus on community to ensure a supportive home away from home.

Dementia Impacts Everyone Involved

For the families of those with dementia in Hampshire, we understand the emotional toll this journey can take. That’s why we offer a network of support, ensuring you feel informed and empowered throughout the process. This includes open communication with our team, access to educational resources about dementia care, and opportunities to connect with other families facing similar challenges.

We also offer support groups, providing a safe space to share experiences, ask questions, and receive emotional support from a community who understands. Knowing you’re not alone can significantly ease the burden of caring for a loved one with dementia.

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